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Ooosh. Jiggly.

“It’s all about the Ooosh. Jiggly. feeling that washboss gives you when you clean your car. I love it!”

When you want your car to look its best, all of our products come in 100ml sized bottles for easy transportation to shows and events. Larger sizes are available for home use, ranging from 350ml to 500ml bottles across the range.

We use plastic bottles. It’s a shame but we have to. BUT we have decided to do our bit by offering a refill service to our customers. You keep the bottle and we fill it for you. Meaning you do your bit for the planet and saves you some money too. Details are coming soon.

Ooosh. Jiggly.


Prewash snowfoam.

PH neutral snowfoam prewash to loosen dirt and grime.
Thick and Jiggly.


Intense bubbly wash.

PH neutral wash that is kind on existing waxes and coatings.
Fruity and Jiggly.


Alloy wheel wash.

Safe, powerful, fast cleaning alloy wheel wash.
Eliminating and Jiggly.


Alloy wheel protection.

Long lasting protection for your alloys. Keep dirt and grime away.
Protect and Jiggly.


Interior satin protection.

Silky, fragrant interior plastic protection. Long lasting finish.
Satin and Jiggly.


Superior finisher.

Wow. Wet look deep shine for external paintwork. Show shine.
Dazzle and Jiggly.

Safety First

– Do not drink the products
– If contact with eyes, wash out with warm water
– Wear gloves to protect skin as products may cause skin irritation
– Wash hands after handling products
– Some products are flammable – keep away from extreme heat and flames
– Follow ‘How to use’ instructions